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2017-18 Thorson 1st Year Honors Program Application

Thorson First Year Honors Program Application

Incoming first-year students (freshmen) who wish to be considered for the Thorson First Year Honors Experience should complete the entire application below. 

Incoming transfer students (sophomores and up) who wish to participate in Honors at Mines should visit for application instructions and information.


Student Birthdate
Student Mailing Address

Short Essay Section

In the First Year Honors Experience, we seek students who have much to gain from participating in this program, as well as much to contribute to it. We recommend you prepare your answers carefully and separately, and then “cut and paste” your responses when submitting your application. 

We appreciate vivid detail that helps us learn about who you are.  For each of the short essays, we have provided several options for you to choose from, so that you can respond to the questions that allow you to best express yourself.

Academic Writing Sample

If you have any questions about this application, please contact the Thorson First Year Honors Program at

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